A Windows Mobile Device without powerful applications is nothing much more than a mobile phone running with Windows Mobile OS (Operating System). In case you need a Windows Mobile application that can help you to do almost any kind of unit measurement conversions, MSS Converter v1.07 is one of the best choices that you can consider.

MSS Converter v1.07 is a complete one-stop solution that allows users to convert any sort of measurement units by just keying in the number with proper unit selection. Some of the common use examples are volumes, lengths, temperatures, times and etc that can possibly be obtained from other applications such as famous WorldMate Pro. However, there are some very unique measurements that are not commonly used and available from other software utility but being offered as part of the installation package from MSS Converter. For instances, radiations, magnetism, fuel consumption, angular speed, viscosities and even more. That is not all, currency is also part of conversion lists that could be handy especially for those frequent travelers. Since currency exchange rate varies from time to time, users can either choose to manually update or get the latest from internet access directly.

The software utility consumes around 600kB and is compatible with Windows Mobile 2003, WM5 and WM6 versions. Good news is, the software is totally free for use and users can select various languages based on own preference during initial installation. If you think you need one, just download at MSS Converter now.