Previously we mentioned about free online MergePDF that can combine individual pdf files into a single file, in case you are looking for a more powerful editing tool that can do splitting besides merging different copies of PDF files, then this open source software utility, named as PDFSAM v2.0.0 Alpha version could be a good alternative solution.

The application may looks slightly complicated for first time users. Once installed and launched the application, the fast way is go to select Merge/Extract plugins followed by adding in the PDF files that are intended to be merged. Similarly for the split function, selecting the right plugin will allow users to have few split options such as split after “n” page, split only even pages or etc depending on users’ requirements. For detailed steps and explanation, users can refer to the pdfsam tutorial that is bundled with the download package.

Only one drawback, users will need around 13MB of hard disk space for the Split and Merge Installer. This is not even considering the Java Runtime environment 1.6 for it to work correctly. If you think this is useful, just get a free download at PDFSAM.