The leading provider of video place shifting solution, Sling Media has released its popular SlingPlayer Mobile app for Apple iPad, which the company claims as the perfect companion to your beloved iPad, allowing Slingbox owners to enjoy stunning high-quality video (live or recorded TV) right on their iPad’s 9.7-inch high-resolution LED-backlit screen, aimed for an extended living room TV experience.

According to Sling Media, SlingPlayer Mobile for iPad application that features iPad’s familiar intuitive interface is offering higher quality video compared to iPhone version of SlingPlayer Mobile. For folks who already owned SlingPlayer Mobile for iPhone – if you’re willing to miss some new features such as amazing video quality, you can keep on using the iPhone version on your iPad in Compatibility Mode at no extra charge.

“A Slingbox is the perfect accessory to an iPad,” commented John M. Paul, executive vice president for products at Sling Media. “When combined with the new SlingPlayer Mobile app, now anyone with an iPad can enjoy a beautiful, personalized TV experience anywhere in the world.”

SlingPlayer Mobile for iPad app that works with Slingbox SOLO and PRO-HD is now available for download from iTunes App Store with a price tag of $29.99, £17.99 or €23.99. In addition to Apple iPad, SlingPlayer Mobile also available for Android, Windows Phone, BlackBerry, Palm, Symbian and iPhone.

Watch the demo video of SlingPlayer Mobile for iPad: