To celebrate its 15th Anniversary in firewall industry, Check Point Software, the parent company of ZoneAlarm is giving away its ZoneAlarm Pro firewall for free, as MDL published days before. Zone Alarm Pro firewall is an award winning and well known personal firewall software. This powerful personal firewall protects your computer from hackers and blocks spyware as well as adware to protect your identity. ZoneAlarm was originally developed by Zone Labs and it was thence acquired by CheckPoint in 2004.

As ZoneAlarm Pro does not contains antivirus feature (only firewall, antispyware and ID protection are included), users who need a firewall chiefly can now download and use the ZoneAlarm Pro for free for one year. The free ZoneAlarm Pro firewall offer is only valid for 24 hours, starting from 18 November 2008 6am PST to 19 November 2008 6am PST. Each download is only valid for one computer. Get the free ZoneAlarm Pro Firewall via the link here.

Currently, due to overwhelming demand, free deal grabbers no longer able to receive the download link and license key immediately. Instead, registrants will receive a confirming email within 48 hours that includes a download link for your free copy of ZoneAlarm Pro and a unique license key to activate the software. Beware that registration automatically subscribe you to CheckPoint mailing list that sending periodic emails about product updates, upgrades and special offers, although unsubscribe method is available.

Once registered for the free ZoneAlarm Pro, remember to claim another freebie entitled to ZoneAlarm customers – Identity Guard ID Theft Protection service.