Bigger Motor doesn’t always offer better performance. This has been proven by Dyson, a UK based motor vendor with its newly developed motor prototype that can spin ten times faster than the Boeing 747 aircraft’s engine or five times as fast as Formula One engine. Named as DDM V2, it is claimed to be the world’s fastest motor with impressive spinning speed of 104,000 rpm.

The mechanism behind is it is based on the new motorized technology that has able to get rid of closed electrical contact Carbon-brush technology with spinning commutator for it to create torque for continuous spinning effect. As the time passed, the contact resistance may increase that could impact the energy efficiency in the long run. Instead of relying on the current technology, DDM V2 will be based on powerful neodymium magnets that generate strong electromagnetic field to eliminate friction issue which eventually improve the energy efficiency significantly. According to the company, DDM V2 is almost twice more efficient when comparing to its predecessor based on Carbon-brush technology.

You may wonder what kind of usage model that can employ such a high efficient motor but surprisingly, Dyson plans to put it into its handheld vacuum cleaners but not on any high end applications at this moment. The DDM V2 powered handheld vacuum will be available at £129 by next month.