Global Positioning System or GPS devices are amongst the hottest technology gadgets nowadays. It comes in a variety of formats, from a small smart phone to the devices integrated into cars. The famous and innovative Russian Designer, Art Lebedev, has just added another cool and creative GPS device into the list. Instead of traditional square models, the designer changed its Navigarius GPS device into a round display. The round display can be mounted into a thin and detachable stand. Users can thence attach the stand inside the front glass of the car for GPS navigation. It saves space, and allows users to flexibly adjust the position in placing the device.


The Navigarius GPS device is powered by the cigarette lighter, or runs on batteries. Turn over the round display and users can find the computer terminal, a compartment for memory cards and the activation button. The small device operates by touch-screen control and users can easily navigate it while driving. Besides the device is USB connectable and a MicroSD reader is also included in the device.