The market leader in advanced Mac OS X and iPhone software products, Ecamm Network has introduced its new BT-1 Wireless Webcam, which the company claims as the world’s first Bluetooth webcam, designed for Mac, streaming (640×480 pixels) H.264 video and (48 kHz) AAC stereo audio.


Highlights Of Ecamm Network’s BT-1 Wireless Webcam:

  • 640×480 H.264 video and 48 kHz AAC stereo audio
  • Compact 2 x 2½ x 5/8-inches design
  • Built-in battery supporting up to 4 hours of talk time
  • Compatible with iChat, Skype and more
  • Standard tripod mounting screw
  • Requires Mac OS X 10.5 Leopard or newer and Bluetooth v2.0+EDR or better

The new Ecamm Network BT-1 Wireless Webcam that includes a flexible mini-tripod and USB charging cable is expected to be available by late Q1 2009 for about $150.