Using a simple mechanical concept, Timer To Light is a pretty creative LED light which is not only eco-friendly but creates an ambient and relaxing healing atmosphere. Designed by Jasper Hou, this interesting LED Light works much like the wind-up toys powered by a spring that is tightened by turning it. When users release the spring, it will get back to the original position and make the toy go as well. Of course the mechanism for Timer To Light is slightly more complicated. To light up the LED, users need to rotate the base where the energy is stored. When it is released, the device will gradually release the energy to light up the LED Light while it is slowly unwound. Users can save the hassle of having to look for batteries or chargers if they use this Timer To Light.


Instead of using candles, users can set up a bedroom retreat where they can relax and relieve their stress by placing a few Timer-To-Lights. It is convenient, eco-friendly and safe from fire hazards. Available in various colors, users can also bring the light to go on jungle trekking or camping as users do not have to worry about recharging them.