If children think money grows on trees and spend time the whole day surfing the Internet, parents can put two and two together and come up with a winning solution. A new interactive bank has been launched by a company called Ekomini, obviously with the bleak economic situation in mind, where every penny counts.

The bank connects users to an online game world, EkominiVille, where their savings are turned into virtual money that they can spend on the game world. Children learn the value of saving and financial management for they can make investments, share the virtual money and set financial goals. The bank has an integrated coin counter that will keep a running total of the pennies kept in the bank so kids can watch their money grow. The bank runs on batteries and has to be connected to a computer via USB. It retails for CAD$39.99. This piggy bank could be the start of your children’s financial education at any age as soon as they know how to use a computer.