Feel a chill in your feet during winter? The cold seems to seep through somehow despite the layers of socks, especially if you have been trampling in the outdoors the whole day or having a snow fight. Fear not, for Columbia Bugathermo “high-performance” hiking boots can keep your feet warm. On the inside, these boots feature dual-heating elements and an Omni-Tech waterproof skin. On the outside, indicators show battery and temperature settings; one can choose from temperature settings providing heated comfort ranging from three to eight hours. The heat is generated from the internal lithium polymer batteries.


Trampling in the slush and cold can be fun with Columbia Buganthermo hiking boots but they can also save life for adventurers or accident victims in extreme weather conditions. For $250, the boots can delay the onset of hyperthermia and death if one were to be trapped in the cold. Lightweight and comfortable, the boots are a necessity for ski operators, mountain hikers, and adventurers.