Fireworks are a guaranteed sight in many important events and festivities nowadays such as New Year’s Eve countdown, Independence Day, etc. Watching the fireworks erupting over the sky is an interesting and memorable moment especially with close friends, family members or one’s lover. However, this supposedly sweet experience can turn to be sour when you are struck by unexpected incidents such as a sudden downpour or a stampede, etc. If you don’t mind artificial fireworks which have no smoke and explosive smell, perhaps you can create your own private fireworks show with Sega Toys Japan’s new fireworks projector, Uchiage Hanabi.
Measuring 190×205×200mm in dimension, the tiny portable projector allows users to do electronic fireworks show with realistic movement and sound on their ceiling or wall. This firework projector is powered by 3 AAA batteries and features a collection of 55 different virtual displays. However, there are not many detailed product specifications and features disclosed at this point of time. Uchiage Hanabi is priced at ¥15,540 or $160.0. With this tiny gadget, users can organize the economic fireworks show at their house whenever there are functions, parties, etc.