Playing music in your mouth while brushing your teeth? Guess what, Hasbro has come out with a musical toothbrush, ToothTunes, which can play music while you’re brushing your teeth. Costing you around US$10, the idea of creating ToothTunes actually comes from parents’ experience of getting their kids to brush their teeth. With ToothTunes, children will follow the music to brush their teeth. The music length is about two minutes; it is just the ideal length of brushing time recommended by dentists. The sound is transferred through the brush tip into the front teeth, then to the jawbone and thence right into the inner ear, so children can feel the music. Because volume is related to pressure, you can also turn up the volume by applying steady pressure to your teeth to increase the volume! That’s fun and cool! Well, kids will be begging to brush their teeth instead of being forced to do it every morning and night.

Get one for your kid – the ToothTunes. Find out more from Hasbro.