Being cost effective, feature rich and environmentally friendly are always key elements in a technological product nowadays. Eriksson has recently marked another new milestone by introducing its innovative, multi-function and uniquely designed F3607gw HSPA/GPRS/EDGE broadband module. Supporting HSPA/GPRS/EDGE networks, the Ericsson’s F3607gw mobile-broadband module comes with some very interesting features which enhance users’ internet experience while bringing down the cost effectively.

The highlight of this F3607gw is the unique wake-on-wireless feature. This wake-on-wireless feature allows users to remotely wake up their laptops which are set in sleep mode for power consumption saving. This feature can be extended to other areas, for instance, in security solutions, instant-on function and so on. Ericsson in its release statement suggested that this technology can be combined and used together with GPS to create a range of differentiating services for consumers and the enterprise market, including remote manageability, security updates, asset protection and tracking and geo-fencing.

Ericsson’s F3607gw mobile-broadband module also supports security solution based on Intel’s Anti-Theft PC Protection Technology. With this anti-theft technology, users can remotely control or lock the computer via a SMS message to the module unit and subsequently to Anti-Theft function inside the processor platform in the event the laptop is misplaced or stolen. Users can also unlock and resume the computer via a simple unlock message.

Available only in June, the Ericsson’s F3607gw mobile-broadband module is quite useful in terms of remote management, asset protection, geo-fencing and tracking, etc.