Electrical and electronic gadgets are crowding your table and you simply can’t find enough power points to hook them up? Or do you hate the cables from the extension cord which zig-zag all over the office floor? Shaped like a UFO, ezSpace UFO by ezGear is a wall-mounted power expander that eases up the space in your home or office. You could be forgiven for thinking that a UFO or flying object has landed on the wall as the device can be conveniently plugged into a power outlet on the wall. There is even a screw to secure the device more firmly to the wall.


ezSpace UFO has a standard six-outlet plug expander for a large plug or transformer on each outlet. The hexagonal design of the expander eliminates the problem of crowded plugs and utilizes space cleverly in six different directions. The device has a built-in 1050 Joule surge protection which will shut down the device in case of an electric surge to prevent any untoward incidents. The Led indicator and reset button will get the expander going again.

For an out-of-this world solution to spatial constraints, ezSpace UFO is the ultimate smart gadget and decorative item to adorn your home or office walls. The device will be available in the middle of 2009.