Thinking of sending spoof email from your Windows Mobile device as a joke to your buddy or friend? There are many email spoofer software available for desktop or notebook computer, but not portable device. FakeMail is an email spoofer for Windows Mobile that ables to spoof or alter sender address and other part of e-mail header so that the email message appeared to be originated from a different source or to hide the origin of the mail message.

Note that FakeMail should not be used for fraudulent e-mail activity such as spam e-mail and phishing. With FakeMail, sender “from” email address and display name of sender can be changed to anything users want. FakeMail works via WiFi wireless network, and it requires an open relay SMTP server in order to work. User can also use any SMTP server IP address which they’re authorized to use, such as those given by Gmail, Hotmail, ISP or mobile service provider. However, be warned that any illegal activity may have legal consequences, as all email forwarding or sending via protected SMTP server is traceable.


FakeMail can be downloaded from (registration required).

After downloading, copy over and run the CAB file on the phone. The installer will create a FakeMail folder in the root of the device. Note that to add text to a ‘combobox’, type it in the ‘text input’ box, then click the ‘+’ button for the one you want to put it in.