The spin-off company, P2i is in discussions with three major leading cellphone makers about using the invisible coating – Ion-Mask on their mobile products, aiming to repel water as well as preventing it from seeping into the electronic device where it could damage circuitry.

The fantastic and innovative Ion-Mask is based on military technology which was developed by government scientists at the Defense Science and Technology Laboratory in Porton Down, Wiltshire. The technology was originally developed to protect soldiers from chemical attack. According to the company, this high-tech Ion-Mask technology is works by bonding a protective layer to the device using a plasma – a gas that has been electronically charged.

“Mobile phones and MP3 players are too small to be fitted with seals to make them waterproof, so water inevitably can creep in,” explained Ian Robins, a development director at P2i. “By making the surface repel water, we have been able to take devices that fail the normal… shower tests, and make them pass.”

“Obviously, how waterproof a device is depends on design, but we can ensure that water doesn’t seep through joins or small gaps. Some electronics companies want the individual components to be treated too, so they have a much greater level of protection,” added by Robins.