Liteon unveiled that its newly launched LH-20A1P 20X Super All Write DVD burner is the fastest burner in the world. It can burn DVD+R and DVD-R at great 20x speed. If you are burning 4.7GB of data onto a single-layer DVD+R or DVD-R media at its maximum speed of 20x, the burning process will only takes you approximately 5 minutes. Unbelievable?

LH-20A1P 20X supports all the popular DVD formats and burns dual-layer DVD media at the maximum speed of 8x, and rewritable DVD at 6x. This burner can achieve 48X speed for CD-R and 32x for CD-RW.

This new burner comes with Liteon Smart-Write Technology. The burner will avoid buffer under run error and it will automatically detect and choose the optimal write speed and mode based on the DVD media for the best write quality.

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