My Digital Life had previously given away free FBVPN accounts. For MDL readers who crave for more, My Digital Life has partnered with FBVPN to giveaway free VPN accounts again, this time for more. A total of 100 free VPN accounts from FBVPN which valid for 1 month will be sent to the winners.

FBVPN provides freedom to users to surf the web without restrictions, security where all network traffic is encrypted to keep it safe from hackers and spies, and it supports simple setup for Windows, Mac, Linux, iPad, iPhone and Android within a few minutes. Furthermore, FBVPN has added support for L2TP/IPsec VPN in addition to PPTP VPN implementation for more secure connection.

The FBVPN giveaway promotion offers one hundred (100) FBVPN 1 month VPN account, free of charge. The free VPN account is normal paid commercial account, and not a trial account, so users get to use the VPN without restriction or limitation, subjects to the terms and conditions of service provider (FBVPN does not encourage using of P2P traffic through its VPN). Normally the 1 month account in FBVPN costs $5.

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One hundred (100) winners will be selected randomly, with each entitled to one 30-day FBVPN account. Each participant entitles to one account only.

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My Digital Life’s decision is final, and My Digital Life reserves all rights to change any terms and conditions without prior notice. Do check out more free giveaway available at My Digital Life.