Is this a case of tracking the tits? Chastity belt is nothing new but a GPS embedded in a line of lingerie is stretching the imagination a little. Of course Lucia Lorio, the designer of the ‘Find me if you can’ fashion line, claims that the unique undergarments are meant to protect women rather than control them, especially in view of the escalating crime against women all over the world. The tacky tag line, however, implies that the fashion wear is more suitable in the shelves of kinky sex toys shop rather than any crime prevention efforts.

GPS Lingerie02

Available in various designs of faux pearl collar, bikini trunk or lace bodice, the undergarments are fitted with a GPS which requires a login name and password to be activated. The wearer can then be tracked over the Internet. However, once the GPS is switched off, it will be impossible to track the lingerie or their wearers. The GPS fitted outfits sell for $1200 to $1650.

GPS Lingerie01

While the undergarments themselves are rather pretty, there is a lack of artistic elegance or sexiness in fitting the GPS device to the lingerie items. The GPS likes rather awkwardly on the see-through material. Collectors can nevertheless have some fun with these sexually-implicit technology-inspired couture.