As part of the effort to continuously improve the product quality and reliability in order to gain bigger market share, Firefox 3.1 beta 2 is committed to be released by mid of November with further enhancements. As an addition to previously mentioned smart location bar enhancement in Firefox 3.1 beta 1, this beta 2 release will have an important feature release especially on the tab preview panel, which allows you to preview all open tabs even clearer and more convenient so that you can quickly identify and go back to the respective page.

Tab preview panel will replace ‘list all tabs’ feature which is located at top right corner. If comparing ‘tab preview panel’ against ‘list all tabs’ feature, ‘tab preview panel’ will show you the web pages together with page title opened for each tab whereas ‘list all tabs’ only list down page title. Besides, this new feature allows up to 9 pages display under the same screen. If more than 9 pages are opened, the dot button will be enabled for you to click to move to the next preview pages. Moreover, there is another great features being added to let you going back to the page easily and more efficiently. Imagine if you have 20 tabs opened, instead of previewing and looking page by page, the tab search bar (located at the top and center under preview screen) allows you to filter based on page title. Just type the page title and it will only show those relevant pages.

That is not all, ‘Tab switching’ (Crtl+Tab) has been improved as well. With this enhancement, user will be able to have a larger tab preview screen as compared to current view with limited single row display. Definitely with all these enhancements in place, it will bring better web browsing experience to end users eventually.