With the fast growing of internet technology nowadays, it is not surprising that each of us having more than 10 accounts for different applications such as Gmail, Yahoo mail, Facebook, Skype, Windows login, Internet access login, Internet banking, online shopping and etc. Remembering all of the user id and passwords for multiple accounts is really a hassle and burden. You must need to be discipline enough to save all of user id and passwords in secure central place so that you can refer to them if you have forgotten out of sudden or due to long time never login. One of the solution we have mentioned before is using KeePass password management system to keep all of user id and passwords in a secure database. However, most of us tend to take the risk of creating the same user id and password for all of accounts in order to ease for remembering instead of using KeePass solution. By understanding the common behavior that being practiced by most of internet users nowadays , Firefox has came out the Mass Password Reset which allows you to reset passwords for multiple accounts simultaneously.

Mass Password Reset is a Firefox add-on that can help you to change password for multiple accounts at one time. If you use the same user id for multiple accounts, you can reset these accounts’ passwords simultaneously instead of going to each of the websites and change the password manually one by one. This tool is designed to let you change password based on domain, username or password. For instance, you can change password for all accounts opened under mydigitallife.info domain, or reset password for all accounts having same user id, or having same password.

In order to increase the security of using this feature, Firefox also lets you optionally create a master password to access Mass Password Reset add-on. Anybody that want to use this feature on your PC, he or she must know the master password before he or she can reset password. To download and install Mass Password Reset add-on, click here.