Previously we mentioned about Multi-Site Opener that can open multiple links in new tabs or windows simultaneously, now here is another similar add-on that can enhance user experience with the ability to open/launch multiple sites in new tabs without disturbing existing webpage by single button click. Named as Stay-Open Menu, it allows quick selections from Bookmarks and history Menu as well as Smart Location dropdown menu without the need of repeating similar steps for more effective web browsing experience.

Once install the add-on, users will have to restart the web browser for it to be effective like usual. After all the previous sessions are restored, and when you access Bookmark or History menu, you will notice that a new capability has been added that allows those menu bar to stay open when you middle clicking on the favorite links to quickly open multiple items in new tabs at a single time, eliminating the need to access them again for further selection. Pressing ESC key or anywhere outside the menu will let you close the menu and back to normal condition. On top of this, it offers an option for users to configure ways to open menu as well as automatic menu closing with timers that make it an extremely easy-to-use add-on for all.

Compatible with Firefox: 3.0 – 3.7a1pre, Stay-Open Menu is suitable for those that would like to quickly open multiple favorite links almost instantly with simple clicks without the hassle of reopening menu.