Previously we mentioned about Google Mail Checker that is useful for Google Chrome web browser but if you are looking for similar function in Firefox web browser, the recently released add-on could be your right option. Named as Gmail Checker, it is a tiny add-on that can help users to track all the new emails arriving into Gmail mailbox and at the same time able to view them without the need to switch among multiple Gmail accounts and manually logging off and on.

Once download the add-on, restart your Firefox web browser will make it effective. By now, you will notice a small icon residing at the bottom right corner of your screen and follow below steps to set them up correctly.

  1. Click on the icon, go to ‘Manage Accounts’.
  2. Click on ‘Add’ button, a new window will pop-up. Enter your ‘User name’ and ‘Password’. At any time, users can drag the account to the new position to change its order or modify the accounts accordingly.

  3. By now, there will be indicator with number of new emails for each email accounts and just mouse over the respective account will show you all the quick glance of the email subject and sender information.
  4. Double clicking on any of them will bring up its full contents for reading without re-login each and every time you switch between mailboxes.

Besides, there are simple configurations under ‘Settings’ that allow users to choose the interval of emails checking, enable/disable SSL, show notification popup or by sound, interface, auto-logging and etc. Hopefully with Gmail Checker , it will help to make your email checking activities more effectively without the need to maintain few open tabs and switch between multiple Gmail accounts unnecessarily.