Firefox web browser has built-in password manager that able to save, store or remember user name, ID and password credentials to auto-fill and auto-complete the login or logon text fields on next and subsequent visits. However, on some sites, Firefox, including both Firefox version 2 and Firefox 3, fails or does not prompt and offer user a choice to remember and save the password, and hence won’t store the password for AutoComplete or AutoFill.

My Digital Life has published a Save Password Bookmarklet to force Firefox to save and remember the password on websites that using “AutoComplete=Off” setting to instruct browser to disable the password saving feature.

However, the JavaScript based bookmarklet has to be ran and triggered each time whenever user wants Firefox to prompt options to remember the password on otherwise won’t allow password saving site. And some user complains that the bookmarklet hack does not work properly in Firefox 3 to force Firefox to save and store the password.

Here’s another trick to make Firefox ignore all disabled or turned off AutoComplete request by websites, such as PayPal, Yahoo!, email services, Internet Banking, and many other secure sites, so that the browser will offer user a choice to remember or save the password or not permanently. Again, the hack only works on websites that use “AutoComplete=Off” parameter to disable the password saving feature in web browser.

To permanently enable user ID and password Auto Complete on all websites and web pages regardless of website setting, go to C:\Program Files\Mozilla Firefox\components folder, and edit the nsLoginManager.js file.

Locate the following lines of code (around line 725 to 727 in Firefox 3), and the comment out the lines by adding // (double slash) in front of the lines.

if (element && element.hasAttribute("autocomplete") &&
element.getAttribute("autocomplete").toLowerCase() == "off")
return true;

// if (element && element.hasAttribute(”autocomplete”) &&
// element.getAttribute(”autocomplete”).toLowerCase() == “off”)
// return true;

After editing, save the file and restart Firefox browser, and now all passwords can be saved.

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  • John

    These Firefox guys must seriously mentally injured (e.g. f-cking nuts)!!!
    OK, let’s back to Opera… }:-F

  • evad1089

    I would be careful doing this. It will mess up a lot of ajax autocompletes on sites that depend on this feature.

  • NoBody


    opening with vim works well…

  • Asma

    Any news on opening the omni.jar in Firefox 4?

    This sucks so much, I'm going back to Firefox 3.6

  • Chris

    This comment is from another post on this website (from this post:


    March 17th, 2011 05:01

    Ok after a little digging through source code here is what I have found on forcing autocomplete in Firefox 4. The Firefox Developers have moved any files they could in to an archive file called omni.jar. ( You can open it in Firefox itself but not edit it in firefox. (jar:file:///C:/Program%20Files%20%28×86%29/Mozilla%20Firefox/omni.jar!/components/) 7-zip the tool most of us would use to unpack it is not able to handle the format Mozilla used. There is still some question on if other tools like winrar and winzip can correctly repack the files the way firefox was expecting too ( (
    ( Long and short of it hopefully the Mozilla developers will switch to a more common and recognized compression format as this also affects the Firefox theme builders apparently. Once they do we can open and edit nsLoginManager.js as normal within the omni.jar compressed file.

    • George

      What's the latest on opening the omni.jar in Firefox 4?

  • Ice

    I tried the above option, but still have issues with some of the sites not autofiling the username and password. Firefox version im using is It use to work before suddenly it stopped working…any advise?

  • Alan


    This has been driving me nuts for years. Finally I decided to search, and here I found the answer.

    Editing the nsLoginManager.js worked a charm on a couple of quick test sites I knew would never offer to save details.. notably my internet banking site, the o2 website and paypal. I assume it will work just as good with the others I had problems with.

    Why couldn't there be an option to enable/disable this by standard in FF settings (or advanced settings). I hate when poeople have to resort to "hacks" to get things done.

    Anyway THANKS again!

  • Manoj

    Worked fine for me. Thanks

  • Mortimer

    My school recently made this change to all their websites' logins, pain in the… but the REAL issue is that they mandate a minimum password of 10 characters COMPLEX: Numbers, Symbols and at least (1) uppercase and (1) lower case letter – even to just check your email or lecture slides! Then, they require changing your password every 90 days.

    Worked like a charm on my home machine! Thanks! Beautiful to be able to quickly hop into sites on my way out the door. Big thanks.

    FF ver 3.6.12, WinXP, SP3

  • Apache

    Yes it works perfect for me on Windows 7 FF 3.6.12 for paypal site!

    Check the line no 805 -807 in nsLoginManager.js file in components folder.

    Once edited I saved on c desktop and then moved and replaced the nsLoginManager.js in components folder with the edited one!

    HURRAY ,, thanks

  • darktemplar

    How do you get this to work on sites using single sign on?

  • Patti

    when I come to nsLoginManager.js, I can't make the changes. Why?

  • LambdaEnt

    Worked great!

    On a Mac:

    – right click on Firefox app

    – select "Show Package Contents"

    – open Contents

    – open MacOS

    – open Components

    – open nsLoginManager.js

  • Meredith

    Worked perfectly as described on FF 3.6.3 / Windows 7. Thanks for the fix!

  • Dwood

    None of these have worked for me. @33 where is this file you speak of? I ran a search for it using explorer and nothing…care to elaborate?

  • Debajyoti Dutta

    AMAZING !!!




  • Cameron

    worked!! hooray!! this has been bugging me for ages…thanks v.much!! :))

  • Tomek

    Works great with FF 3.6

  • niraj

    doesnot work with mozilla 3.5.7

  • Armin

    Works great! However, I am trying to find something similar for IE8, without success. Do you have a similar solution for IE pl.?

  • Hi – this works great in FireFox 3.5.6

    Many thanks!

  • Nick

    Theres a problem i had. I cannot save it and it says its probably lock by other programs.My Firefox is close as well and im using Firefox 3.5.5


  • chris

    I use Vista 64 and renaming and/or deleting the .sqlite file DID NOT WORK for me. F*** Firefox I'll use another browser that isn't so annoying.

  • gaaaa

    rename cookies.sqlite to cookies.sqlite.OLD

    that works 4 me

  • Cockulant

    Just tested on Firefox v3.5.2 on a Mac and works brilliantly, thanks!

    Not sure if it's been posted before but on the Mac the file is in the Firefox app "folder":

    Go into Applications, right click on the Firefox app and go to Show Package Contents. Then go into Contents, MacOS, components and there's the file :)

  • Ed H

    I've been using this fix for some time on firefox, but when I applied it to a download (8/4/09) of 3.5.2 (upgraded from 3.12), it DOES NOT WORK! Anybody else with this issue?

  • Nako

    Goo job! Thx!

    Worked well on 3.5.1.

    Helpful article.


  • Carl Patton

    I had found a used this fix before. But the nsLoginManager.js file must have reset when I installed 3.5.1. Now when I make the changes in notebook, I am not allowed to save the file. Any Ideas?

  • Michael

    How about forcing fx to remember password only for some specific sites?

    I tried adding “ && document.domain != "" '' to that "if" statement instead of commenting it out, but I'm not to proficient in js and it didn't seem to work.

    Any thoughts?


  • hemando

    I want to try this but don't know where to find the Firefox profile on my Mac so that I can make the changes. Thanx.

  • C Grebsivlas

    Worked well on 3.5.


    I can see a potential problem with some people –

    There's a ".TXT" file with the same name that's easy to read in Notepad – that's NOT the right file to modify.

    The right file is the ".JS" file.

    In XP Pro, the file doesn't have line numbers in Notepad, so, it's Search (control F) for "autocomplete", till you find the right sequence of commands and then comment "" them out.

    Thanks for the great article.

    Mozilla seems to update the loginmanager.js when you update.


  • Machiner Productions

    This trick does not work for Firefox 3.0.11. Is this trick works anyway for Firefox 3.5?

  • Laura

    This worked great for me—Firefox decided to stop saving the password to a site I am at SEVERAL times a day and was about to drive me bat—t. This worked great!! You can get editpad lite for free and it can search right to the lines you need to edit, although you may need to change the js file association properties in C>Tools>Folder Options>File Types. Once you allow notepad to open it, use editpad to search right to the line, edit as instructed and it worked like a dream.

  • This is an awesome tip! Thank you! I Love you

  • Jeff

    y i can't save the js file?Any trick required? it says 'make sure the path and file name are correct..

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  • admin

    skylos, you have mentioned it. Thanks.

  • skylos

    Why is there no mention of the dude (Tonycosus) that pointed out this method on the previous article on Save Password Bookmarklet, comment #5?

  • Brandon

    On Debian Linux (and I assume Ubuntu), the file you need is here:


  • daniel

    your bloody tutorial caused me to lose my bookmarks, passwords & stuffed up all my addons. maybe you should put a warning at the start of your article.

    • admin

      It won't cause such behavior I guess. Sorry for what happens though.

  • byron

    Thanks to everyone here. Fix worked great! I didn't lose my old passwords but I did have the problem saving the edited file. I followed Ripley's instructions and saved the edited file on my desktop. I skipped one step though and just cut/pasted the new file into the /components folder and overwrote the old file.

    Thanks again!


  • Gaf

    God! Thank you so much for this! I've been having this problem ever since Firefox 3 launched so I had to keep going back to Firefox 2 for this reason, but eventually Firefox 2 started having lots of issues and I had to ultimately upgrade to version 3, but this kept happening and it was driving me nuts! Thanks so much, it's been finally solved!

  • Ripley

    thanks loads; works great. also, for the two previous posts (ken & ward), this is yet another vista UAC 'feature,' ahem. a work-around: edit the file as above, but save it (with same file name) in another directory on c:/. close firefox, navigate to the /components directory as above, and delete the original file. navigate to the directory with the edited version and move it to /components. restart ff, and the fix works like a champ. why vista won't let you save the edited file but will let you delete the original is another vista mystery (vistery?) for the ages….

  • Ward

    Also cannot save nsManagerLogin.js in Vista with Notepad. Yes, Save as type set to *.* Is the encoding something other than ANSI?

  • Ken

    I need a bit of help. I open up nsLoginManager.js in Dreamweaver, and edit the // into the three lines. When I go to save it, it says; Access to C:Program FilesMozilla Firefoxcomponents
    sLoginManager.js was denied.

    I'm on Vista Home, and using Firefox 3.

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  • Jim

    I have the same problem but it is with Internet Explorer. Is there a fix for IE?

  • Rob

    Thank you so much for this, I always thought this was some firefox bug.

    @Kent Slimm: You should be able to edit the file in notepad or any other text editor just fine.

  • This works perfectly for both of my installations of Firefox 3. Thank you very much!

  • mo

    Works great ! thanks a lot!

  • Kent Slimm

    Basic question: Do I need a special JavaScript editor to do this? If so, is there one that's uncomplicated and free that you recommend? It doesn't seem to work to open this file with Notepad. I'm running XP Home.

  • @strygi:

    Normally, you should not lose your saved passwords after editing nsLoginManager.js.

    Passwords are usually stored in the Firefox profile folder (on WinXP it is here):
    C:Documents & SettingsApplication DataMozillaFirefoxProfiles
    and C:Program FilesMozilla Firefox does not interfere with it:)

    In your case, after you have re-installed the browser, maybe some minor error was fixed somewhere and passwords re-appeared normally – but they were there all the time, maybe just 'hidden', in the profile data:)))

  • strygi

    If you loose passwords in mozilla after this edit. Here is how to fix it:

    1, Download firefox installation file

    2, Start uninstall firefox but DO NOT mark the option – "Remove my Firefox personal data and customizations"

    3, When is firefox uninstalled install it again – step 1.

    And it will be OK :)

  • strygi

    I did it…

    All of my saved passwords are gone.

    Even passwords for gmail checker add-on disappeared.

    Please help, what now?

    I re-edit it back and still nothing.

    What to do now?

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