Firefox web browser has built-in password manager that able to save, store or remember user name, ID and password credentials to auto-fill and auto-complete the login or logon text fields on next and subsequent visits. However, on some sites, Firefox, including both Firefox version 2 and Firefox 3, fails or does not prompt and offer user a choice to remember and save the password, and hence won’t store the password for AutoComplete or AutoFill.

My Digital Life has published a Save Password Bookmarklet to force Firefox to save and remember the password on websites that using “AutoComplete=Off” setting to instruct browser to disable the password saving feature.

However, the JavaScript based bookmarklet has to be ran and triggered each time whenever user wants Firefox to prompt options to remember the password on otherwise won’t allow password saving site. And some user complains that the bookmarklet hack does not work properly in Firefox 3 to force Firefox to save and store the password.

Here’s another trick to make Firefox ignore all disabled or turned off AutoComplete request by websites, such as PayPal, Yahoo!, email services, Internet Banking, and many other secure sites, so that the browser will offer user a choice to remember or save the password or not permanently. Again, the hack only works on websites that use “AutoComplete=Off” parameter to disable the password saving feature in web browser.

To permanently enable user ID and password Auto Complete on all websites and web pages regardless of website setting, go to C:\Program Files\Mozilla Firefox\components folder, and edit the nsLoginManager.js file.

Locate the following lines of code (around line 725 to 727 in Firefox 3), and the comment out the lines by adding // (double slash) in front of the lines.

if (element && element.hasAttribute("autocomplete") &&
element.getAttribute("autocomplete").toLowerCase() == "off")
return true;

// if (element && element.hasAttribute(”autocomplete”) &&
// element.getAttribute(”autocomplete”).toLowerCase() == “off”)
// return true;

After editing, save the file and restart Firefox browser, and now all passwords can be saved.