E-paper sounds like the ideal paperless alternative – it can be used again and again, is stronger and more durable than normal paper, can save more trees, and can cut costs in the long term. AUO demonstrates the flexibility of its 6-inch electronic paper recently and announces the future release of a 20-inch non-bend version. Both e-papers are expected to go into mass production and hit the market soon.


The 6-inch e-paper has a contrast ratio of 9:1, a reflectance of 33% and 16 gray levels. It consists of a plastic substrate which makes it highly flexible and can be bended again and again, much like real paper. Power supply is only needed when the image is updated; none is required for reading. It is durable and portable, making it highly ideal for almost everyone. The paper size can be tailor-made to users’ needs. The 6-inch paper is revealed following the successful launch of its 6-inch touch function e-book reader in Taiwan a few months ago. Similarly, the 20-inch EPD (electrophoretic display) has 16 gray levels and consumes less than 2W of power. The ability to eliminate backlight makes it suitable for public information display.

High flexibility, low power consumption, and perhaps low costs will make e-paper the choice of users in the 21st century as natural resources are increasingly depleted and exhausted. The most compatible and relevant EPD displays and applications will likely get the biggest chunk of the pie.