Previously we mentioned about Free Folder Guide that can speed up favorite folder access in Windows PC but if you are not fully satisfied with it, now there is a similar freeware, named as Folder Menu that can serve as an alternative solution for fast folder access in your system.

Once install and launch the utility, it will stay in your system tray with very minimum memory resource required for it to run in background. For the first time, it will use the default configuration which is sufficient enough for typical usage such as recently accessed files, C: drive, Program Files, website links and many more. In case users would like to add any favorite folders or customize the default settings, just click on the ‘Folder Menu’ followed by ‘Add Favorite’ button and users can choose to add in new Menu, Favorite, Applications and even configure Hotkey to access the function much more easily based on own preference.

Folder Menu consumes around 300kB of your hard disk space and is compatible with Windows Operating Systems which could be quite useful since it saves your time to navigate to your favorite or frequently accessed folders, programs, websites and even registry for more organized and effective work.