According to our friends at, a company called Rough Guides released a series of downloadable travel guides for 10 major cities in iPod format. These full color gudies, called PodScrolls, even come complete with pictures and page numbers for easy navigation.

Here’s a blurb from the Rough Guides website:

“We’ve kicked off with eating and drinking guides to ten of the world’s great cities, drawing reviews from our acclaimed Directions guidebook series. Best of all, we’re giving these PodScrolls away for free. Bon appetit… PodScrolls work on all colour-screen iPods.”

The first 10 Podscrolls are available for download now and cover the following cities: Amsterdam, Barcelona, Dublin, London, Madrid, New York City, Paris, Prague, Rome, San Francisco.

If you own an iPod and plan on traveling to one of these cities, how can you go wrong? It’s free.