iRobot Roomba is an autonomous robotic vacuum cleaner, which has proved to be immensely popular with more than 2.5 million units sold and shipped since its introduction in 2002. iRobot Roomba is able to automatically navigate rooms or living space with or without obstacles while vacuuming the floor.

One of the important components of iRobot Roomba is sidebrush. The spinning side brush helps Roomba to effectively and efficiently clean the whole floor, especially under and around furniture, and into wall corners or along wall edges. The sidebrush also helps Roomba as part of anti-tangle technology to “spin” out of its way of getting stuck on obstacles such as cords, carpet fringe or tassels.

For iRobot Roomba 500 series, the third generation of Roomba robot, its old version of sidebrush has 5 arms, and has been received numerous complaints on its low quality. The five arms of side brush of Roomba 5xx series are notoriously easy to fall off, break off or been cut off. Some users even have all 5 arms of sidebrush down to zero. iRobot has came out with a new version of Roomba 500 series sidebrush, which has only 3 arms, but has been improved and made much more sturdy to prevent the arms been break apart.

Probably to compensate Roomba 500 series owners with earlier version of sidebrush, iRobot is giving away a free Roomba 500 Series Sidebrush to their customers. Each Roomba 500 series side brush costs $4.33 at Amazon (aff).

The free Roomba 500 series sidebrush offer is opened for everyone and anyone. And, there is no proof of ownership required. So Roomba onwers or potential Roomba owners can order a free sidebrush to be used as a replacement side brush in future.

To order the free, fill in the contact information at the following web page:

The sidebrush works on all iRobot Roomba 500 series, such as iRobot 560 Roomba (aff), iRobot 530 Roomba (aff), iRobot 550 Roomba (aff), and iRobot 580 Roomba (aff).