Want to beef up on content for your iPod Video but don’t have a lot of money?

Lately the iTunes Store (US) has been full of free videos. A common trend has been for networks to offer a series pilot for free in hopes of getting you hooked on the show. Not a bad idea – especially since it worked on me. I downloaded Spike TV’s free pilot for Blade and now have a TiVo Season pass for the show. I love checking out all the free TV show downloads in iTunes. The only problem is that finding all these free videos can be time consuming and a little challenging.

In an effort to make browsing for free video content on iTunes a little easier Apple created a Free TV Shows Downloads page (iTunes link) last week. When I was writing this blog entry there were currently 12 free TV shows offered.

But this free TV Show download page unfortunately isn’t the one stop shop it should be. For some reason free downloads for TV shows like Passions and Blade weren’t included on this “free” page. Hopefully Apple will make an all-inclusive free download page soon, but until then, this partial page will have to do.