Giving out free software has became one of the popular mean to promote the product. And more and more websites are giving away free license with serial key as a way to attract readers and creates backlinks (links from web pages on another domain). In a way it also helps computer users from malicious threats who will otherwise turns to searching for cracks or key generators (keygen) instead of buying the software.

VMWare Workstation 6Adobe PhotoShop CS3Windows Vista SP1 Upgrade

One of the websites is definitely Bastillwork, which claims to offer activation product key or serial number for one of the chosen software listed below for visitors who fulfill certain requirements.

  1. Microsoft Windows Vista Ultimate (Upgrade Edition with SP1) (Cheapest at Amazon: $99.88, and for those who need full license, Microsoft is giving away free product key with DVD media for Windows Vista Ultimate SP1)
  2. Adobe Photoshop CS3 (including optional plug-ins, sample files, textures, web swatches and stock photography) (Cheapest at Amazon: $623.00)
  3. VMware Workstation 6 for Windows (Cheapest at Amazon: $189.99)

It’s unknown how legitimate or whether Bastillwork will fulfill all the request to get the software, looking at the price tag for these products. They probably have to fork out millions of dollars to continue giving away the software if the promotion get popular. Anyway, to get one of the free software, visitors have to perform these steps:

For website owners, bloggers:

  1. Write an article about this offer ( or our services ) on your site, be sure to link to us from this article. You can put rel=”nofollow” attribute to your link to protect yourself, at least until you receive a genuine and legitimate serial key to activate the software.
  2. Subscribe to my website for updates via email.
  3. Stumble this article with your comment.

For others:

  1. Write at least five quality reviews ( or comments ) for five distinct softwares listed in our website ( be sure to write quatilty review, we will check it after you submit )
  2. Subscribe to my website for updates via email.
  3. Stumble this article with your comment.

After finishing perform these procedures, send an email to from from the same email you used to subscribe to our RSS feed. Include the following information in the email:

  1. State where your post about us on your site is.
  2. Your StumbleUpon nick name.
  3. One of 3 famous software above.

More information on the promotion can be read here (offer no longer valid). By the way, this article is published in part to meet one of the requirement, so let’s see (update will be posted when known) if they really give out the genuine license serial key that can activate and work legally, and not those keys created from keygen or crack sites.