We have discussed the basic idea of IP Address or Internet Protocol Address and how to find or identify someone’s IP Address in our previous post. We know IP Address plays an important role in terms of security. It can ban or deny you access to certain websites and it can also help you to hide your identity when you are feeling naughty and want to visit some porno websites. This is all due to the IP blocking measures adopted by the administrator to prevent you from connecting your computer to your desired websites. Can we do something to change our IP Address or hide our actual IP Address and proceed with the illicit sites we want to “browse” from the net?

Generally, if you want to access a website and yet you want to hide your identity or use a different IP Address, the easiest way is to use an anonymous free proxy service which allows you anonymity in surfing the web. There are plenty of free proxies available on the net that enable you to bypass your office or your school’s firewall. For instance, you can use Jtunnel; Prox-A, YouHide, HideMyAss, etc. When you access to this site, you just need to type in the url that you plan to visit.