Lynx Sexy Alphabet Girls Greeting Cards

Getting bored with virtual greeting cards that more like a spam with lots of advertisements rather than true wishes? Now you can use Lynx sexy Alphabet girls to help you to send your greeting messages to your friends or lovers, where the lingerie wearing sexy girls will spell out the each letter of your greeting message, well, by using and posing with their own bodies […]

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Criss Angel Levitation Magic Trick Secrets

Criss Angel has performed numerous levitation magic tricks, that is as if Criss Angle levitate by flying up and floats on the sky, without any supporting device, special equipment or setups (such as wires). On Criss Angel Mindfreaks Levitation episode video below, he uses his self-proclaimed telekinesis to levitate a volunteer 4 feet in the air before a perplexed street audience (most likely are the […]

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Criss Angel Walks on Water Magic Tricks

Criss Angel born Christopher N. Sarantakos is an American musician, magician, illusionist, escapologist, stunt performer, and the creator and director of the Criss Angel Mindfreak television series on A&E Network. Now he is trying to simulate and replay what Jesus Christ did more than 2000 years ago, by walking on water, in a magic and illusion performance that’s stunning.

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