Wonder how extreme can the operating temperature of a memory chip go without failure? Typically for extended temperature, it can goes as high as 95 degree Celsius but this time Fujitsu Microelectronics America has able to break the technology barrier by unveiling two new FCRAM memory chips that can extend the operating temperature up to 125 degree Celsius suitable for extreme environment. Available in both 512Mbit and 256Mbit technology, codenamed as MB81EDS516545 and MB81EDS256545 respectively, they are claimed to be the world’s first FCRAM memory module that being designed in such a high operating temperature specifications targeted for consumer and industrial usages.

The new FCRAM is specially designed to be used with SiPs (System in Package) to withstand extreme temperature as most of the conventional memory module can only go up to maximum of 95 degree Celsius while the SoC (System on Chip) package can easily reach 125 degree Celsius without affecting its normal functionality. An alternative solution to conventional memory usage is to add some kind of heatsink or heat spreader with the hope that it can dissipate heat to keep the whole system in operable temperature range but with that, it adds additional cost and stack up which eventually affect its competitiveness and outlook of the end products.

More importantly, the new FCRAM is expected to be able to outperform existing DDR SDRAM in terms data speed as well as power consumption. It is claimed to transfer data two times faster while only draw less than 50 percent of power consumption as compared to conventional memory module. Currently these modules are already available for order and pricing availability is upon request.