If you harbour dreams of cutting an album with your own computer in your garage or a small recording studio, the new Lexicon I-ONIX USB desktop recording interface would probably suit your fancy. With over 30 years of experience in audio technology, the reputable high-end home theater market leader, Lexicon, has introduced its USB-enable I-ONIX U22, U42S and U82S, a series of sophisticated recording interface to make recording more interesting and sensational with knobs and switches rather than just a long stick microphone.

Each of the respective recording interfaces, U22, U42S and U82S, is designed to address different needs of a recording session. IONIX U22 will cater for those who need to record two channels simultaneously whereas U42S offers a 4-channel array and users can even enjoy 8 channels recording with the U82S. IONIX U22 includes dual analog jacks for mic/line inputs, two TRS balanced line outputs, a high-impedance instrument input, one high-power headphone monitor output, and MIDI I/O. U42S and U82S include four and eight analog combi-jack mic / line inputs (respectively), S/PDIF I/O, two instrument inputs, and two 0.25-inch headphone outputs.

These recording interfaces from Lexicon feature an elegant, fashionable and stylish look. The size and shape are just right to be placed between your keyboard and monitor for easy controlling or handling. All the three recording interfaces, I∙ONIX U22, U42S, and U82S, can be connected to the computer via an USB cable with the highest speed at 480Mbps. The audio quality can reach between 44.1 to 96 kHz sample rates with a 24-bit resolution. The prices for these gadgets have still not been determined.