How do you know you are a true geek? Well, when someone bakes you a gadget themed birthday cake, you might as well admit your chosen place in life. In a weird coincidence (or was there a gadget cake bake off recently) I found both an iPhone and Mac Mini cake on Digg’s front page this past weekend.

A flickr user named icruise was surprised with this iPhone cake for their birthday. It looks like a sweet cake with a multitouch interface you can lick. Can you hear me now? No? Must be all the frosting in your ear.

The other photo is from Miles, the birthday boy, got this Mac Mini cake from his loving mom for his 15th birthday. Hopefully not too many people at his high school saw this online. He might get the frosting kicked out him after school. Just don’t try to eat the disc. It looks like Miles’ mom used an actual CD and covered it with frosting. Good luck trying to upgrade the RAM.

If you want to look for more Apple themed birthday cakes, try searching flickr for icake. I’m keeping my fingers crossed for a black MacBook tray of brownies for my next birthday. You won’t find any Zune cakes on flickr for some reason. Poor Bill. :(