Still remember the colorful interlocking plastic bricks that accompany you during your childhood? Lego kit is a common and universal game set for kids when they are young. It helps in brain development and cultivates the kids’ creativity. If you were a Lego enthusiast, the Bug Kits from Bug Labs will be your next challenge in this 21st century!

Inspired by LEGO concept, Bug kit is a collection of easy-to-use electronic modules that can snap together to form or build any gadget based on your creativity. This creative invention gives tech-loving hobbyists the opportunity to customize and personalize their electronics devices and applications. Bug kit consists of a main unit, the BUGbase “Hiro P’. It’s a fully programmable and “hackable” Linux computer, equipped with a fast CPU, 128MB RAM, rechargeable battery, USB, Ethernet, and a small LCD with button controls. It also has a tripod mount and houses four connectors for users to combine any assortment of BUG modules to create their ultimate gadget. Each Bug Module or Bug Unit represents a specific gadget function such as camera, video output, keyboard, display, a GPS unit, etc. Users can use their creativity and try various combinations to create devices like webcams, GPS locator.

The Bug Kit needs a bit of JAVA programming knowledge and a basic understanding of electronics functionality. Try out this Lego Gadget; it’s pretty interesting.