Wonder how many data you can squeeze in a single disc as a size of DVD disc? You may be surprised with what could be achieved by GE (General Electric) with its advanced digital storage technology that could offer a huge storage space of 500GB. The development project has been quite a while since 2003 and good news now, it has reach a new milestone with a laboratory prototype ready even though it is still far from mass production stage.


Typically, a standard DVD can store up to 5GB storage capacity and Blu-ray disc could hold up to 50GB but impressively, the new technology from GE is claimed to be able to hold as much as 500GB of data storage while maintaining its current disc size. The technology breakthrough is made possible through the storage mechanism known as microholographic that can pack data in much higher density as compared to conventional storage media with less complex technique.

However, there are still some roadblocks that need to be resolved especially surrounding the material cost that doesn’t come cheap as well as the light reflective efficiency which is crucial to be able to read the media contents correctly. Most likely the next generation media storage will be available to commercial world first such as medical segment or video production before ready for consumer market.