Awed by the beauty of spectacular landscapes in faraway lands you would never even dream of setting foot on? Inspired by the stories and colours of diverse peoples and their customs? Transported into the animal world and the mysteries of the wild? National Geographic has brought many hours of enjoyment and delight to people of all ages. National Geographic magazines have been in circulation since 1888 and the treasure trove is now made easily available and accessible through a portable 160GB HDD.

For a price of $199.95, NatGeo fans can easily purchase the 160GB external hard drive from National Geographic Store and get the full compilation of the magazine issues from 1888 tp 2008. The National Geographic HDD works well with any operating system and it is connectable via an USB cable. The magazine collection itself occupies approximately 60GB storage and the remaining 100GB in the hard drive can be used for upcoming issues’ storage or even personal storage purposes. Besides the magazine contents, NatGeo has included a few applications in the hard drive such as GeoBrowse to facilitate users in enjoying easy browsing and advanced search inquiries.