Have you ever accidentally clicked on the send button while in the middle of writing emails that caused the incomplete emails to reach the recipients unintentionally? This could be quite embarrassing but if you are Gmail users, now you can avoid such an incident from happening as Gmail lab is offering a great feature that allows you to undo email sending within 5 seconds after the email was sent.

Once the send button is hit, gmail will probably take 2-3 seconds to process the email. And immediately after that, it actually provides an undo link that gives you the chance to undo the email sending up to 5 seconds (exclusive of the 2-3 seconds process time).


After 5 seconds time limit is reached, the undo link will disappear, which also means that you cannot do any undo action to the email anymore and it will be sent out to all recipients successfully. In fact the 5 seconds recall time is not configurable as of now since it is hardcoded in logic and we cannot change the buffer to make it longer. To activate this feature, just go to Setting -> Labs, then look for “Undo Send”.

Hopefully this will help you to recall any incomplete emails from reaching the recipients in timely manner.

Update: You can now undo send within 30 seconds.