While Internet Explorer and Firefox battle it out, Google has come from behind to launch its open source browser, Google Chrome. Google Chrome beta version will be released to the public in 100 countries today. In conjunction with this release of Google’s browser, details about Chrome can also be found in a 38-page online comic book in blogosphere. Users who intend to read the comic can get it here.

Google maintains that the main purpose of launching Google Chrome is to add value for users and, at the same time, help drive innovation on the web. In this techno century, users are very dependant on the internet to communicate, work, purchase things, get information and so on. A user-friendly, user orientated and quality browser is extremely important to facilitate users with a good platform to get things done. By reviewing and studying users’ browsing habits and needs, Google has finally decided to bring Chrome into the picture. Prescribed by Google, Google Chrome is clean and sleek. It gets tasks accomplished in an efficient and quick way. Google has also added new features such as “isolated” tabs designed to prevent browser crashes and a more powerful JavaScript engine.

Windows users who want to get a taste of this new browser can download it at the Google site. However, Mac OS X and Linux versions are under development and will follow the Windows version

Screenshot of Google Chrome