Google Earth is one of the most popular app for Android mobile OS platform, which allows users to explore the world and search by voice for cities, places, and businesses with ability to browse layers including roads, borders, places, photos and more.

However, similar to Paypal, due to some compatibility database not yet been updating with authentication fingerprint or footprint ssue, some new models of Android mobile phones or Android smartphones that recently been upgraded to new updated version of firmware software, may not be able to find Google Earth in the Android Market. For example is HTC Desire, HTC Legend, Motorola Droid, Motorola Milestone and more.

As a workaround for Android device user who cannot locates and downloads Google Earth app from the Android Market, whether by searching or view by category and popular free apps, here’s an alternative way to install Google Earth onto the Android device. The trick is to manually download Google Earth .apk file, which is the installer file for Android system, and install the .apk onto the smartphone.

Here’s the download link to Google Earth .apk file:

Google Earth for Android version 1.2.1: Google_Earth_1.2.1.apk

Once downloaded, follow the guide to install the .apk onto Android smartphone.