There are a few ways and methods to download video from video sharing sites such as Google Video, Youtube and Myspace Video. But more of these so called Video Downloaders services need you to go to the web pages to input the link location or url address of the web pages where videos are shown in order to process and get the actual videos’ download link. It’s nice but you’re bombarded with tonnes of ads, risking your privacy and let the video downloaders services to know each and every video clips that you’re interested in and downloaded.

All-In-One Video Bookmarklet supports downloading videos from Google Video,, Putfile, Metacafe, YouTube, Myspace and Dailymotion. All-In-One does all the page parsing and url (video download link) construction on your computer, without involving a third party or another web site. If you download a video clip from Youtube, Youtube can still log your downloads from Youtube, however, there is no need and unnecessary to first send all your download urls to another site for processing, thus protecting your privacy from third-party sites.

To use All-In-One Video Bookmarklet, bookmark the link below. When at the web page of the videos you want to download or when you looking at videos on supported video sharing sites, access (click) the bookmark in order to download the videos. The bookmarklet will parse the page’s source and retrieves the video downloads links and displays it for you to download.

All-In-One Video Bookmarklet

All-In-One Video Bookmarklet works withMozilla, Firefox and Opera. However, it does not works with Internet Explorer due to IE’s limitation of URL length.

All-In-One Video Bookmarklet also available for Firefox users who install Greasemonkey-extensions. With All-in-One Video Bookmarklet Greasemonkey script installed, a small notice-bar will be displayed on the top of video clip pages when a video is found and supported and downloadable. When click on the notice bar, a small results page is displayed with all the video download links found. All-in-One Videos Bookmarklet user script for Greasemonkey extension can be installed here.

Beside, if you prefer to use the bookmarklet with Internet Explorer, Google Video downloads via bookmarklets website also maintains a list of old bookmarklets which are seperate bookmarklets for each video publisher and each video file type.

Update and more information at Video Bookmarklet website.