Watch the red dot of the laser pointer, like the beam of a weapon on someone’s body, move over the screen. Well, this red dot will be a thing of the past with the launch of the latest Star Green Laser Pointer. This is a useful device for business presentations and astronomic purposes. If red is deadly, green signals “go”.
The Star Green Laser Pointer utilises a 532 nm wavelength green laser, which beams 30 times brighter and clearer than the red laser pointer. It can be seen from a further distance and uses constant wave output instead of pulse output. It is 14.2 cm in length and its beam measures under 10mW. Nevertheless, the higher brightness can pose a danger to eyes and the manufacturer warns that the Star Green Laser Pointer should not be used as a toy by children. Operating with two AAA batteries, the green pointer costs around US$79. If you think red is passé, go green!