The Griffin iTrip Universal is an FM transmitter that offers universal compatibility, rechargeable battery, and compact size to make it one of the most convenient FM transmitters on the market.

There are more sophisticated ways to broadcast your computer’s music collection around your house, but the USB-powered Griffin iTrip Universal is by far the cheapest.

The iTrip Universal’s measures 2.5-inch-long is no bigger than a matchbox car. The standard audio input of the iTrip Universal can be used with any type of audio source with a 1/8”(3.5mm) headphone jack, including iPod, Sansa, Zune Zune, portable CD players and etc. The use of a standard connection on the iTrip Universal also means you can replace the included cable with any length of cable you like, so long as it ends in a 3.5mm plug.

A half-inch backlit LCD spans the center of the iTrip Universal, indicating the battery life, audio mode (stereo/mono), and transmission frequency. There is soft buttons below for adjusting the transmission frequency and a preset button that can cycle through three station presets.

The output Radio Frequency (RF) range is 88.1 MHz – 107.9 MHz, with RF adjustment increments of 0.2 MHz per step. The internal battery can be recharged in any USB port and offers 8 hours of play time without needing to dispose batteries. The inbuilt antenna allows the device to work within 10-30ft of an FM radio. The iTrip Universal is a universal product with no special compatibility limitations and is available for US$39.99