Sometimes mobile phone ringing could be irritating especially when you are in the midst of watching a movie in theater. Although it is always a reminder to switch off the mobile phones or put them in vibrate mode displayed on the theatre screen before a movie starts, but if you want to have a full prove solution, then this GSM cellular network jammer could be a good solution.


The GSM Cellular Jammer is powerful and with its extremely high 45 watts transmit power, it is claimed to be able to block GSM signal with up to 120 meter range, which is far more than sufficient to cover a desired place without putting unnecessary restriction in public use. Good thing about this is the implementer can even specify the blocking coverage such as only certain direction by using a uni-directional antenna without affecting any other users that are closed to the transmitter. A four fan attached to the transmitter will help to dissipate unwanted heat for proper operation.

However, the solution doesn’t come cheap. At a price of £2875, it may only be affordable by enterprise usage to block those stubborn cellular users intentionally at specific events such as examination rooms, theatres and other events as desired. Do take note that it is illegal to set this up in certain countries due to its network jamming capability that could potentially be mis-used at any time.