Aero Shake is a new feature in Windows 7 that enables user to minimize all unfocused and inactivate windows in the background at once simply by shaking a window that user wants to work on with mouse gesture (click on the window’ title bar, hold and move back and forth). And then by shaking on the window again, all minimized window will be restored reopened to its last opened location and state.

The Aero Shake function may be useful to somebody, but most importantly it’s nice to have and fun. Now, an utility aptly named AeroShake can enable the feature in Windows XP and Windows Vista, possibly on Windows Server 2003 and 2008 as well.

Main feature of AeroShake is of course, enable users to left-click and hold on a window’s title bar and “shake” it back and forth to minimize all other windows. Do so again, all these windows that get minimized to Taskbar will magically restore to its original position, and in their original sequences of layer from front to back too. This is the main usage instruction for AeroShake too.

Download AeroShake 1.4: AeroShake_1.4.exe (alternative download link

AeroShake is written and developed in AutoHotKey code by bobbo33. The latest version of 1.4 was compiled by MDL for the benefit of reader. AeroShake has a few configuration options that users can tweak to get the best result. The options available include distance (how far the mouse has to travel to count as one “shake” – if the mouse has to move too much reduce this value), count (number of shakes has to occur before action is taken), title bar height (vertical distance from the top of the selected window that is monitored for shakes), Minimize All Monitors (whether to minimize windows on all monitors on shake), and Quick Minimize (set whether minimization occurred with animation or not). All settings can be changed on the AeroShake.ini configuration file accessible via Settings right click context menu of AeroShake icon on Notification Area (System Tray).