One obvious feature lacks in Palm Pre is inability to use the handset in landscape mode without email application. Some user may prefer reading and writing email message in landscape mode of Palm Pre as the screen looks wider, which make it easier to read HTML-coded mail messages.

In fact, the Palm Pre’s email application does support landscape mode, but it requires hack code to enable and turn on. Use the following guide to enable landscape viewing of email app in Palm Pre.

In mailbox listing view, type in RocknRollHax at the top of email app (case-sensitive so capitalization must be followed by pressing Shift key for capitalized letter).

Once the secret code is entered, Palm Pre user can now rotate the Pre and view message listing or individual email in landscape viewing mode.

There are few catches to landscape mode hack though. Firstly, scrolling gesture area does not work anymore. Secondly, the menu disappears when in landscape mode, including when composing message. Thirdly, landscape mode is not permanent change, and it will be automatically disabled and turned off once email app is exited and closed. User has to enter the code every time he or she launches the email app to get back the landscape mode, although it’s possible to keep email app open all the time as Palm Pre has background processing too.

It’s possible to make the landscape mode permanent, by applying patches of app/controllers/list-assistant.js, app/controllers/compose-assistant.js and app/controllers/accounts-assistant.js, details of which can be found at