Most Synaptics TouchPad can support multi-touch gesture capabilities, which normally depends on software driver support. However, default official driver for Synaptics TouchPad device on most notebook and laptop does not enable these Synaptics Gestures features, instead locking them, probably due to marketing purpose.

There is a modded driver for Synaptics TouchPad that enables multi-touch gesture functions. After installing the mod driver, Synaptics TouchPad settings should now show options to enable Momentum, ChiralMotion, Two Fingers Gesture and Three Fingers Gesture. However, on some version of Synaptics TouchPad hardware, Two Fingers Gesture and Three Fingers Gesture may not be available even with the modded driver installed.

Two Fingers Gesture allows user to enable two finger scrolling feature which is included on newer version of Apple MacBook, allowing user to use two finger motion gesture on the whole surface of touchpad to scroll horizontally and vertically instead of have to move to virtual scrollbars on the edge of the trackpad.

For user who doesn’t manage to enable the official Two Finger Gestures by Synaptics, a third party memory-resident program named Two-Finger-Scroll can provide two finger gestures for Synaptics TouchPads on Windows operating system.

Two Fingers Scrolling Gesture

Download Two-Finger-Scroll from Google Code. Current version available is Two-Finger-Scroll version 1.0.6.

Two-Finger-Scroll does not require installation. Just extract the TwoFingerScroll.exe from the ZIP archive, and directly run the executable to simulate two finger gestures feature. Two-Finger-Scroll can be configured to run at system startup.

When ran, Two-Finger-Scroll software will display a hand icon in the notification area (system tray). To configure virtual scrolling with two fingers on TouchPad surface in Windows, right click on the icon, and select Settings. On the General tab, user can set whether to let TwoFingerScroll.exe starts with Windows. Scrolling and Tapping tabs allows user to further customize the scrolling functions, with default settings should work without problem.

Once Windows system has two fingers scrolling feature, it’s possible to turn off virtual scrolling features provided by Synaptics. To disable virtual scrolling, go to Control Panel -> Mouse -> Device Settings. Select the Synaptics TouchPad device, then click on Settings to open Properties for Synaptics TouchPad window. Go to Virtual Scrolling branch, and all virtual scrolling check boxes.

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  • david96

    Can someone send me the file "synpd_enableSGS.inf" in an e-mail?

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  • chris

    hey it wont let me download the .inf file please send me the file though e-mail at

  • Markus

    Hi cruncher,

    It doesn't let me download your .inf file anymoreas apparently ithas reachedalimit of 1000 downloads. Any chance this can be made available somewhere? If you fancy emailing it please go ahead to

    Cheers and niceone for finding it.

  • when i try to run the application it says the specified module could not be found

  • DjZ

    i found a better hack here. it actually modifies the registry of your synaptics driver to enable these features + more:
    I found a way to enable both gestures as shown here. (NO warranties that this is kosher or will work for you, but it did for me on my 1005HA in XP, and I'd expect this would work with most recently-built laptops with a synaptics touchpad. Probably not a bad idea to set a system restore point before doing this just in case though)

    1) Get the latest synaptic drivers here:
    You need version >= 13 (currently ASUS only offers version 12.2.8; the ones on synaptics' website are ancient).

    2) Uninstall old drivers/reboot/install new drivers/reboot. Now you have a driver supporting the gestures shown here:… but they're not enabled by default, at least on this ASUS.

    3) Download the file I put up here: (named synpd_enableSGS.inf)
    Then, right click the file and choose "Install." This will modify the registry to enable the Gesture Suite.
    Note: this may not work if you were somehow running 64-bit windows (ie, not an eee pc)

    4) Edit your settings in the Synaptics driver device settings tab.


  • cruncher

    sweet ! So far, works well on my Asus eeePC 1005-HAB

  • Great! Enabled middle button gesture for my Fujitsu T5010 and 2 finger scroll. I love this utility!