Windows Vista SP1 RC (Release Candidate) Preview release has been made available for free download via Microsoft Connect website as Windows60-KB936330-X86_wave1_SPInstaller.exe and Windows60-KB936330-X64_wave1_SPInstaller.exe, or Windows Update as Windows Vista Service Pack 1 Beta Build 6001.17042 v.658. After installing Windows Vista SP1, a fade watermark appears and shows at the bottom right corner of the desktop area, just above system tray with following message:

Windows Vista (TM)
Evaluation Copy. Build 6001

Vista Evaluation Watermark

The evaluation copy watermark will be displayed as a semi-transparent mark on desktop even though the Vista system is genuine and already activated, or stay activated when check in System Properties. It seems like the watermark is planted based on the fact the SP1 beta or RC release is limited time usage version, which will expire on sometime in future. And the previous cracked user32.dll.mui that remove the watermark may no longer work in Vista SP1 Build 6001.17042 version 658.

To hide and remove the evaluation copy watermark from the desktop of Vista SP1 v.658 edition, a new hacked user32.dll.mui need to be used.

Download the new patched user32.dll.mui (user32.dll.V258.rar) from the forum.

Then take ownership and full permission control of user32.dll.mui the C:\Windows\System32\en-US folder (guide on taking ownership and control in Vista or add Take Ownership to right click menu). Finally, (backup first) replace the user32.dll.mui file with the patched version of user32.dll.mui downloaded. You must log on to Vista as an administrator.

Vista v.658 Desktop without Watermark

Update: Patched user32.dll.mui for Vista SP1 RC1 (v.668)